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  • LOCAL WILD KING SALMON in da' house -- Get 'em for the Fourth, and while supplies last, as the season is now closed thru July 10th, meaning that the next new fish prob'ly won't be in 'til Monday, the 15th -- $22/lb currently.

  • Big week for HALIBUT, including SoCAL & LOCAL & ALASKAN.

  • Need any UNI for your July 4th picnics?

  • When we had U/12 count SCALLOPS, they became a very popular go-to size, almost as large as a U/10, with not as large of a price. Then somewhere along the line, they morphed into a U/15 size. Well, the U/12s are back again!! Just another option from 'Bristol' -- da' Best DRY-PACK SCALLOPS on da' market!

  • HUACHINANGO are gonna happen this week, but you'll have to wait 'til Friday.

  • Arrival dates for incoming Seafood Products could be a bit squirrely this week, but availability of our usual Seafood Products should be real close to "typical".

  • We need a several-days-in-advance pre-order for SOFT-SHELL CRABS.

  • Getting some Albacore inquiries -- Still No sightings, but they gotta' be coming soon. Right?

  • Copper River Salmon inquiries too -- No. Why would we bring in this expensive, overly-hyped-up salmon when there's no bettah fish than CA KINGS?

  • Lotsa' SHRIMP, including the 'Del Pacifico - Suripera' Premium brand. We encourage you to go online and check out this amazing Monterey Bay Aquarium-approved and Fair Trade-certified product ... Great story, Awesome product, and the Proof is in the Taste & Texture!

  • Thinking about 'Hot-Smoked"? -- Check out our "Pesca" HOT-SMOKED SALMON, 6-oz pkgs.