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>>>>>>Breaking News<<<<<< 

  • This could be an interesting week -- here's what's up ...

  • We're in the last month for LOCAL WILD KING SALMON, but current conditions out there are pretty choppy -- only about 500# of new & real nice fish on hand, but Maybe NO More arriving this week.

  • We're gonna probably run Out of ROCK COD this week too, maybe by Saturday, weather-related. But that's the only West Coast groundfish that's in tight supply -- we're Good on PETRALE SOLE (even a bit of SAND SOLE & STARRY FLOUNDER in da' mix), and Good with LING COD (for Thursday), TRUE COD, & BLACK COD.

  • Halibut -- expecting to pick up some ALASKAN HAL at SFO in da' morning, and we're loaded with Beautiful Hook-&-Line LOCAL CALIF. HALIBUT! Nothing coming out of SoCal/Mex.

  • More from nearby -- FRESH SQUID. Some UNI Trays for tomorrow. A coupla' sacks of SALMON ROE. FRESH OR SHRIMPMEAT are looking larger. LOCAL ALBACORE!

  • And welcome back HUACHINANGO -- 2-4's, for Thursday.

  • Expecting just another 20# of SMOKED RED-MT TROUT this week -- and we have the 8-oz pks of 'Duck Trap' (White-Mt) SMOKED TROUT.

  • Bass selections = WHITE-C-BASS & BARRAMUNDI & Frm'd MEX'N STRIPERS.

  • And of course, we also have NZ 'ORA-KING' SAL and ATLANTIC SAL x 3 = B.C./CANADIAN & 'LOCH DUART' & another SCOTTISH ... and STEELHEAD/OCEAN TROUT x 2 = WA & 'LOCH ETIVE' ...

  • Don't know yet if it'll be a consistent trend or just some good fortune for now, but we have in a few tubs of 'Bristol's' U/8 SCALLOPS available this week, along with 'Bristol's' DRY-PACK U/10 & U/12 DOMESTIC and U/15 & 10/20 HOKKAIDO SCALLOPS and PERU BAY SCALLOPS.


  • This has been our first full year of featuring the "DEL PACIFICO - Suripera" PRAWNS, which are from the Pacific side of Mexico, Wild, MBAq approved, Fair-Trade certified, and absolutely awesome. Y'all have been great, and you'll maybe notice that the choices on specs & sizing may be somewhat limited until the new season starts up again in Sept/Oct, but "Del Pacifico" has noticed your support, and their commitment to us will continue to strengthen. If you haven't yet tried 'em, check 'em out on-line, and what're'ya waitin' for?

  • Price down recently on SPANISH OCTOPUS.